Helpful Hints About Steaks

All cuts are best medium rare. Medium rare is a good browning on the outside but lots of pink inside. Be sure to differentiate between red raw and pink!  Timing per side depends on the thickness of the steak. We recommend 1 inch. Start with 5 min. for the first side and 3 on the second. This is very approximate, timing the sides does take some experience. It’s better to under do and have to add a minute than to over cook your steak. Also, since a steak will continue to cook a bit even after being removed from the heat, I recommend that you have all other elements of your dinner completely ready and your family is ready to sit down before cooking your steak.

Tenderloin also called fillet mignon, is the most tender and most expensive cut and needs little more than some simple seasoning and can be pan fried, grilled or broiled.

Porterhouse, T-bone, Rib-eye are all excellent bone-in cuts, best grilled or broiled, for best results, marinate for several hours or overnight

Sirlion is less tender then the above but flavorful, if broiling or grilling, marinate for a couple days or cut into serving or bit sizes and use in your favorite crockpot recipe such as a stew or ragu.

My Favorite Marinate Recipe 

find a flat dish that will hold your steak, cover with equal parts dry red wine and soy sauce and a healthy splash of sesame oil